Frequently Asked Questions

Linking Swords to Dublin City Centre via the Port Tunnel.

Q. What ticket types do you offer?

A. We offer single journey tickets and ten journey tickets. We also offer taxsaver tickets. Single journey tickets can be purchased with cash directly from the driver. You can also use your Leap Card to purchase single and ten journey tickets and to avail of the savings with this payment method, each passengers must have their own Leap Card. Taxsaver tickets need to be purchased via the order form on our website.

Q. Does the driver carry change?

A. Our drivers do not carry change, so you will need to have the exact cash fare ready when boarding the bus. Further information on our fares can be found here.

Q. What are your fares?

A. We offer a number of different fares, full details of which can be found here.

Q. Do you accept Visitor Leap Cards?

A. We do not accept visitor Leap Cards.

Q. How do I purchase a ten journey ticket with my Leap Card?

A. You can purchase a ten journey ticket with your Leap Card online via or you can ask our drivers to load the ten journey ticket on to your card when you are boarding the bus. If you are purchasing on the bus, you will need to make sure your Leap Card has been topped up by a sufficient amount prior to boarding the bus (€27 for students, €37 for adults).

Q. What is the quickest method to top up my Leap Card?

A. You can top up your Leap Card online via and this can take up to 36 hours for the top up credit to be visible on your account. The quickest way to top up is to use your Android app or purchase top up credit in a shop and this will be visible on your account within minutes to use it for your next journey.

Q. Does my ten journey ticket have an expiry date?

A. Yes. Your ten journeys must be used within 30 days of product purchase.

Q. What forms of student identification do you accept on Swords Express?

A. We accept the Student Travel Leap Card and the ISIC Card on Swords Express. No other forms of student identification are accepted at this time.

Q. Can I purchase a student fare using an adult Leap Card?

A. It is not possible to purchase a student fare (single or ten-journey) with an adult Leap Card. The machines are set in such a way that the student fares can only be loaded on to a student Leap Card.

Q. What is considered peak/off-peak time?

A. Off peak times are 08:45 to 15:59 and 19:00 onwards. If a service starts at an off-peak time, then the off-peak fare will apply to all stops along the route. Similarly, if a service begins at a peak time, then the peak fare will apply to all stops along the route.

Q. If I have a ten journey ticket on my leap card but travel at an off-peak time, will the machine deduct the off-peak fare from my standard Leap credit or will one of my ten journeys be taken?

A. If you have a Leap ten journey and are travelling at an off-peak time, the driver will offer you the option of taking the lower rate from your standard Leap Card credit instead of taking one of your ten journeys.

Q. Is it possible for the driver to accidentally double charge my Leap Card?

A. This is not possible, as the machines have been programmed to prevent this from happening.

Q. How do I know how many journeys I have left on my Leap ten journey ticket?

A. When you swipe your card as you board the bus, the number of journeys remaining on your ticket will show on the green LED screen of the ticket machine.

Q. What is your policy on the use of e-cigarettes?

A. We do not permit the use of e-cigarettes on any of our buses.

Q. Can I bring my pet on the bus?

A. We do not allow animals on the bus, with the exception of guide dogs.

Q. Can I bring my bicycle or pram on the bus?

A. There is space for bicycles/prams in the storage compartment underneath the bus, however please be advised that the driver will need to open this compartment for you and this may delay other passengers who are waiting to board the bus.

Q. Are free travel passes accepted on Swords Express?

A. We accept free travel passes on all services, with the exception of night link services.

Q. Can I eat/drink on board the bus?

A. In the interest of safety and out of consideration for your fellow passengers, we would ask that you refrain from eating and drinking on Swords Express coaches. If you are bringing food or drink on board for later consumption (not on board), kindly ensure that this is stored in your bag in a sealed container. Consuming food or drinks on a moving bus makes an accident more likely to happen. People commuting to work wish to do so without having coffee or someone’s breakfast spilt on their clothes!

Q. What times do your night link services operate?

A. Our night link services are at 23.00 from Swords to City Centre on Thursdays and Fridays and 23.30 and 00.45 from Swords to City on Saturdays. From City Centre to Swords, we operate late night services at 23.30 and 23.45 on Thursdays and Fridays and at 00.30 and 01.30 on Saturdays. More details are on our timetable.

Q. What are the age restrictions on your child fares?

A. We offer child fares to anyone under the age of 19 and children age 3 and under travel free on Swords Express.

Q. What is the fare for a journey taken within Swords?

A. Journeys taken within Swords are €1.40 with a Leap Card and €1.50 with cash. Please visit our fares page for full details of all of our fares.

Q. I would like to buy a taxsaver ticket. What do I need to do?

A. Please visit our taxsaver information page for further details on Swords Express taxsaver tickets.

Q. I am a holder of a taxsaver ticket. Do I need to pay for the late night services?

A. A flat rate of €6 (cash) or €5.50 (Leap) apply to late night services. These services are standalone services which have been put on specially to cater for people socialising in the city so a full fare is required in order to make these services viable.

Q. Do you operate wheelchair accessible vehicles?

A. Swords Express has a number of wheelchair accessible coaches, however not all stops on our route are accessible. Each wheelchair accessible coach has a space available for one wheelchair and this space must be booked 24 hours in advance by calling 01-5292277.




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