Taxsaver FAQs

The Taxsaver Commuter Ticket Scheme was established in Ireland as an incentive for workers in some parts of the country to use public transport. Passengers can avail of public transport commuter tickets if they are travelling for work by public transport - bus or rail. The scheme is not confined to state-owned forms of public transport and can include private operators if they are approved transport providers holding a passenger licence under Section 7 of the Road Transport Act 1932. Swords Express therefore is an approved operator under the taxsaver scheme and frequently asked questions relating to our taxsaver tickets are listed below.


Please note that we are currently unable to offer refunds to taxsaver ticket holders with tickets that were valid from 01 April 2020. We will instead offer credit notes or ticket extenstions to any customer who wishes to cancel or freeze their ticket. All taxsaver extension/cancellation queries should be directed to and we will endeavour to respond to your email as soon as possible.

Q. How much is a taxsaver ticket?
A. We offer three types of taxsaver ticket – monthly at €132, three month at €387 and annual at €1,399

Q. Are these prices before or after tax deduction?

A. Prices above are full price before any tax deductions have been made. Taxsavers are purchased on your behalf by your employer and tax deductions are generally made via a salary sacrifice arrangement with your employer.

Q. How do I order a taxsaver ticket?

A. Your employer needs to visit our website and fill out an online order form to order a ticket on your behalf. As soon as the form has been filled out and submitted, an invoice will be emailed which can be paid via EFT, cheque or PayPal online. We also accept credit card payments over the phone.

Q. What is the cut-off date to order a taxsaver ticket?
A.  The cut-off date to order a tax saver ticket is the 21st of each month. We will endeavour to dispatch orders after this date on time, however there is a risk delivery may be delayed. Kindly note, full payment must be received by us before the taxsaver ticket will be released. The exception is for January tickets, when orders must be received before 11th December to ensure all orders are processed before Christmas break up.

Q. Can I buy a taxsaver ticket from the driver?
A.  No. Tickets must be ordered online via

Q. Can I buy a taxsaver ticket via
A. No. only offers tickets from state owned transport operators and tickets from private operators are not available for purchase here.

Q. Do I need photo identification?

A. We accept any form of valid photographic identification (e.g. driving licence, photographic work ID etc). If you do not have a valid photographic ID, we can produce one for you if you send us a head shot via email ( or via post.

Q. I am leaving my current employer. Can I keep my current taxsaver ticket?

A. You will need to return your taxsaver ticket and order a new one with your new employer.

Q. How do I cancel a taxsaver ticket?

A. We only accept cancellations for 3-month or annual tickets and the ticket must be returned to us via registered post or courier, together with a letter from the employer explaining the reasons for cancellation. As soon as the returned ticket has been received, we will issue a refund for months remaining on the ticket minus a 10% administration fee. We will only refund full months remaining on the ticket. For example, if there are 6 months remaining on the ticket, we will refund 6 months minus an administration fee of 10%. Tickets must be returned and in the possession of Swords Express before any refunds will issue.

Q. How will I receive a refund?

A. All refunds are paid by cheque if you wish for funds to be paid directly into your bank then you must include this instruction in your letter along with the necessary bank details.

Q. When do I return my cancelled taxsaver ticket?

A. Customers can use their ticket until the end of the month and promptly return to us on the last day of the month or the first day of the following month and we will take into account the date of registered postage upon receipt of ticket (i.e. if we can see that the ticket has been posted in time, the customer will not be penalised for any delay in postage which is beyond their control).

Q. I have lost my taxsaver ticket. What should I do?

A. Loss or theft of your taxsaver ticket must be reported to us as soon as possible. We require a letter from your company administrator on headed paper before we will issue you with a new ticket. In addition, theft of your ticket should be reported to the Gardaí. Please be advised that a processing fee of €20 will apply which must be paid before we reissue the ticket. If the replacement ticket is posted by registered post, there will be an additional fee of €8 to cover the postage.

Q. I have lost my taxsaver ticket again. What will this cost?

A.  The loss of the first taxsaver ticket will result in a processing fee of €20 as outlined above. Subsequent losses will result in payment of 50% of the value of the remainder of the ticket which must be paid before we reissue a replacement taxsaver ticket.

Q. There was an error on the taxsaver ticket received. What should I do?

A.  In the event that this issue occurs, contact us immediately on or telephone (01)8242626 to notify us and we will advise you to return the ticket to us. Swords Express will offer a refund on cash/Leap fares used for the duration that the customer is without a taxsaver ticket. In order to claim the refund, the customer must provide valid receipts to verify journeys taken. Unfortunately, we cannot process refunds without receipts.

Q. How much can I expect to save?
A. Depending on the rate of tax you are on, you can save up to 52% on the price of the ticket. Use our tax saver calculator to find out how much you can save on your chosen ticket.