Forest road closure due to Water Main Maintenance Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th January

09 Jan 2015

Due to essential water main maintenance on the Forest Road, there will be a closure on the Forest Road from next Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th, as a result of this morning services will be affected so long delays are expected. Due to the exceptional circumstances we are going to operate an additional auxiliary service from Boiroimhe for the 3 days in the hope that this will minimise disruption to passengers. The additional services will be at 08.15 & 08.30am.

Hi Folks just so everyone is clear due to the Forest Road closure from 07.00am Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th Swords Express will be unable to serve stops Highfields and Ballintrane, anyone who would normally use these will have to instead get on at the Pavilions or at Boroimhe Laurels two extra services will be in place at 08.15 and 08.30 from Boroimhe Laurels.  Please expect 10-15 minute delays due to this disruption to the route.