December 2019 taxsaver order/ payment dates

25 Oct 2019

Our taxsaver order and payment cut-off dates are revised for December. Due to it being Christmas and companies closing over the festive season we have pulled the dates forward. Kindly note, that no ticket will be released until full payment is received.


Click for full details on our taxsaver personalised Leap Card.


If payment is received after the 10th December, the taxsaver ticket may not be uploaded by 01st January 2020. Please read our helpful timetable to show the dates we will be uploading tickets once full payment is received.


Payments – please ensure bank ref/ Paypal ref is the invoice number. If our Finance Department is unable to allocate the payment this may delay uploading of the taxsaver ticket.


All taxsaver queries should be emailed to and include the below; 

1) Invoice/ ticket number;

2) Name of company;

3) Name of ticket holder;

4) Date paid.


Order  Date

Payment Date

Estimated Upload Date


By Tuesday 10 December


Wednesday 11 December


Tuesday 12 December


COB on Thursday 12 December


Friday 13 December


Monday 16 December


COB on Tuesday 17 December


Wednesday 18 December


Thursday 19 December


No taxsaver ticket can be activated prior to the 01 January 2020.

Thank you.